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A beginner’s guide to Digital Art


Digital art is one of the most prevailing forms of art in the present day. It’s one of the
visual art forms that use digital technology – or soft work – as an integral part of the
process. This guide is for beginners – actual beginners – who have never had a hands-on experience in digital art. In this guide, @aitchzee will take you through some of the many different aspects of creating digital artwork, how to monetize it, beginner’s mistakes, devices and applications you can use, uploading art on social media, some important points to consider and finally, a little tutorial of an illustration that you can try yourself! 

Download @aitchzee‘s free guide on digital art here

Or, alternatively, read it online here

How to start and maintain a bullet journal in 10 steps

“On some level, all of us struggle a bit to stay organised and on top of things. We use all of our available resources to keep track – the calendar built into your email, your phone calendar, productivity apps, a planner, a stack of post-its, or even random scraps of paper for notes, reminders, and lists!

Having so many organisational resources available to us can turn into a burden. Where did I write that phone number? Which calendar did I use to record my doctor’s appointment? I completely forgot that this deadline was approaching – why didn’t I see this coming?

If this sounds familiar at all, let me offer up a potential solution: the Bullet Journal. I won’t spend time explaining what it is since you can find a great description at where the founder of the system, Ryder Carroll, takes you through everything you need to know about bullet journaling.

But, let me distil it down to the best part: this system is completely customisable (unlike a templated planner) and you can adapt your format even on a daily basis to suit your needs. Now that I’ve been using Ryder’s system for almost two years, let me take you through my tips on how to start (and stick with!) a bullet journal in ten easy steps.”

–  Liz, @bonjournal_

Download @bonjournal_’s free guide on starting and maintaining a
bullet journal here

Or, alternatively, read it online here

Tips for an aspiring or stuck writer

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-21 at 20.35.27

For some of us, writing is a beautiful outlet. It brings to life the pictures in our minds and the untold stories within our hearts. We carry ideas, we carry dreams, which in some cases form the foundation of our stories – sometimes unknowingly. For those writers who wish to start a novel or are in the middle of a great idea, but are beginning to doubt the direction –don’t fret! Our fellow writer, book editor and writing coach, Lara Ferrari will provide you with the inspiring nudge you need to whisk you away towards the right direction!

How do you know you’re writing the right story?
How do you START writing a novel?
Is it possible to work on more than one story at a time?
What’s the best way to deal with writer’s block?
What are the top 3 things to keep in mind while writing?

These are just a few of the questions Lara answers in her feature with @unreadmag!  Click here to download her brilliant writing tips or view online here!

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