About Us

Unread was born in the Summer of 2017 and is made up of a team of dedicated volunteer writers and designers! Read a little bit more about them below…


Founder & CEO | UK

What can I say? I love writing. Always have. To write is to voice all the images your brain harbours onto a piece of paper, there for the world to read. Having graduated in Human Biology and Journalism, I later secured myself a position as a Reporter for a pharmaceutical news magazine. I aspire to make this world a better place! Yes, it’s a big ask… but I can start somewhere, right? Spreading a little bit of positivity through my blogs, aanbulnotebooks, my novels and this magazine, is only the beginning.


Sarah Ghani

Director of Editorial and Digital Media | Canada

I am a pharmacy graduate who had secretly wanted to become a French professor at some renowned University. I would have read classical novels all day and written long, beautiful papers about them. By some stroke of luck, organizations would have wanted me to present my work at conferences. Alas, that is not the case. I am now in my mid-twenties, fresh out of university, craving to create. The concept that twenty-six letters can portray any world imaginable fascinates me. I want to explore as many worlds as possible, and I want to share them with you.

Deja Holley

VP Marketing | Florida

Deja Holley is a forward-thinking multi-talented creative experienced in branding, digital marketing, social media marketing, graphic design, content creation, production management, and event marketing support. Recent experience as a project manager tasked with creating an in-house digital marketing team from the ground up and now serving as a Marketing Manager for a startup marketing agency in South Florida. Eager to learn and grow as an individual, as well as to pursue avenues outside of my current experience.

Labeeda Ahmed

Director of Editorial | UK

I like to write because of the freedom I am given with words; a paper and a pen and my brain is all I need to express myself. When it comes to writing, no one is right or wrong; we are just simply different, and that is the beauty of it. I’m a Law student, who is a tad bit obsessed with the world of fashion, which explains eeda on Instagram. I also adore capturing pretty sunsets wherever I go.



VP Design | UK

Art, design and all things creative have been a part of my life ever since I was able to hold a pen. I have a degree in Graphic Design: Visual Communication and am now a Freelance Designer and Illustrator. I’m all about aesthetics and draw inspiration from all aspects of the world, whether it be nature, fashion, culture, architecture – you name it, I’m inspired by it. I’m also a keen traveller, film and series enthusiast, lover of words, low-key fashionista and high-key nerd!






Writer | UK

When you write, write with understanding simply from your heart. My name is Selena Aziz, a nineteen-year- old university student. I write often and a have a heart set on interior design. Everyday should be lived with passion and adventure, my adventure is interior design and my passion is writing. For me writing is living in the moment and reliving the memory when the time is gone, well I at least hope you feel that way when you read my work.



Writer | UK
Being creative is so many things. I manage to express my happiness, anger, sadness & excitement through photography, fine art and words. I’m a Fashion Business student so all this coincides well with each other. My future career is my hobby – what more could I ask for? What i express and the way I express it may be perfect to me but not others, and vice-versa but thats the beauty about it; its unique for each individual – in the way that we express and interpret it. You can find me exploring and expressing my love and creativity on Instagram at mailaaa_x.

Writer | Scotland

A year ago, I qualified as a mental health nurse and am working in Glasgow. I know many people who have suffered from mental health difficulties, this being the reason why I was inspired to follow this career path. Mental health problems are becoming more prevalent, yet they are still belittled and tainted by a discriminating stigma. Having converted to Islam in 2015, my religion is important to me and it is also a big part of my writing (a real passion of mine). I’m currently writing a novel and my dream is to publish it one day and of course, I’m a bookworm. I believe words are powerful and that everyone’s voices should be heard.



Writer | UK

I have just completed my first-year in Human resource management at Uni and am working as a part-time Sales Associate at Gap. I enjoy photography, cooking, absolutely love writing and hope to travel the world one day and visit cute places (don’t we all). ‘Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened’- Dr.Seuss. Always appreciate cute moments in life and make a positive difference in people’s life.



Writer | UK

Hello! Also known as klumzymomina because of my clumsiness, I am a young woman in my twenties with a degree in Interior Design. I have a passion for travelling and all things creative. My aim in life is to always help people and I believe one way to achieve this is through writing. So, to all my fellow travellers and readers, I hope my articles inspire you.



Writer | Ireland

Well, hello there! I’m Reem. Your very average 21-year-old, who is struggling with transitioning from a super-unorganised-carefree-last-minute student to a boss of a working woman! Yes, this is a dream right now as I am still stuck in my old ways, but, it’s my goal to make sure I succeed in kicking working-life-butt this year – and document all the key tips and tricks that I find useful along the way! But hey, it’s not all work and no play for me, so be prepared for some adventures, explorations and, of course, foodie updates!

Maryam Hussain

Writer | UK

Hello! I’m a 17-year-old student currently studying chemistry, biology and psychology. I’m an aspiring pharmacist with an obsession for all things sweet and sciencey! I dream to reach the stars (literally; I would absolutely love to go into space). For as long as I can remember I have been and still am captivated by a good read, and hope to share that same feeling with others.

Bareera Ghaffar

Writer | UK

The notion that I can string words together and those words can have an impact or touch someone on some sort of level has always been something that fascinated me. From writing my first little novel as an 8 year old and studying Shakespeare, Coleridge and Margret Atwood including many others as an 18 year old- it is apparent that I am a lover of literature and books as a whole- I am an admirer of individuals putting part of themselves in a piece of work-and that resonating with someone else.

Tehreem Sheikh

Writer | UK

I’m a 20-year-old Biomedical Science student from the bustling city of London. I’m your typical Pakistani girl who loves anything cultural be it the clothes, the food, the country or even cricket. My other obsessions consist of books, makeup and skincare. I love to write, I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. It’s the only place I find true peace, seeing my words linger on paper.

Kelly Aurora

Writer | UK

I’m a creative soul, a fangirl and a nerd! I’m happiest locked away in my study, reading or painting. By day, I’m a psychology graduate currently working in Human Resources. By night, I run a small business selling art prints and hand painted canvases! I too, have this “unsilenceable” longing to change the world for the better, whether it be through art, writing or kind actions. Things really matter to me and I do all I can to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves.

Maria Zahra

Writer | UK

Hello readers, I’m Maria Zahra – 22 year old English and History graduate and future journalist. I’m currently living and working in Greater Manchester, UK. Writing has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember and I realised very early on I wanted to utilise my ability to write as part of my career. It’s safe to say, I am very much on my way to achieving that goal! For me, writing is an art form. An expression of myself, an escape and an incredibly powerful, creative tool to use. Not only that, it’s also a lot of fun! I am all for doing the things that you thoroughly enjoy because there is no point in getting stuck in something you’re not fond of – you won’t excel nor will you succeed.

Aditi Kaushiva

Writer | UK

Aditi Kaushiva is the author of ‘26: 26 Stories. 26 Colours. 26 Emotions.‘ – an anthology subscribing to the genre of flash-fiction, exploring the myriad hues of life by painting 26 bite-sized stories, each based on 26 colours which commence with every letter of the alphabet from A to Z. She is a compulsive traveller, dancer, blogger and co-founder of The Dance Bible – an Indian based dance management and networking platform for dance lovers. She dabbles in travel writing, arts and culture, and fiction on her blog Aditi’s Pen and is working on her second book.

www.aditispen.com  | twitter.com/kaushiva|www.instagram.com/aditi_kaushiva/


Amina A

Writer | US

Ever since I can remember, writing has always been my ‘happy place.’ In fact, I’ve still got poems I wrote from when I was 9 years old! Writing is the one thing that allows me to express my thoughts and feelings or even create new ones. The page never judges, nor does it tire of taking your words, whether they be plenty or few, complex or simple. To me, that freedom is infectious and necessary to one’s wellbeing. Though I’m not 9 anymore, I’ve taken my love of words and translated it into many experiences from tutoring to blog writing to editing for friends. Like a loyal friend, English has never left my side.

Sara Farhat

Writer | Canada

Writing is an underestimated art, you are painting colourful images in people’s minds by using words of black and white.” This is what I aspire to do, is bring the words to life on the paper creating works of art in readers’ minds.  I’m a nature lover who loves to write poetry and take photography. I have a degree in Psychology and Neuroscience and this has really opened my mind and given me a different perspective on life and how it is important to really take care ourselves, especially our minds. A healthy mind and body enable us to live a happy life. I strive to inspire and sprinkle some positivity into others’ lives.

Christine Carpenter

Writer | US

As a fashion industry professional, I develop handbags by day and hand knit my way through my commute…and then some. An avid reader and writer, I am passionate about delivering beautiful product into the word, whether working with factories overseas, crafting with my own two hands, or letting words flow freely through me, to pen, to paper. In composing and sharing my creative journey, it is my intention to stir the creativity in others and collaborate with like-minded-creatives. I live in New York with my husband and enjoy the quiet solace of the suburbs as a juxtaposition to the hustle bustle of where I work in Midtown Manhattan.  I am extremely family-oriented and my favourite place on earth to be is with my toes dug into the sandy Cape Cod beaches, encircled by the laughter of the people I love.



Writer | Guyana

Travelling has always been the greatest modes of storytelling and learning. Each road leads to new adventures and new lessons; filled with many unknowns. Writing brings them to life. Two of my passions, beautifully interlocked. In my day to day life, I’m a striving Optometrist; aiming to improve vision, one person at a time. In my downtime, I enjoy jotting down life’s experiences and my thoughts. My blog helps me facilitate this: https://humaadiaries.wordpress.com/ 

  ASIA  –

Ayesha Q


I am a 20 years-old-pretending-to-be-40-years-old student of English Language and Literature. I read tragedies. I capture the despised moments. I write on the subjects often ignored. I love travelling. Rakaposhi is my craziest wish.


Rimsha Jairajpuri

Writer | India

A reader by choice and a writer by passion. I’m a twenty-something English graduate from New Delhi, India. I’m currently pursuing a degree in translation proficiency and aiming to achieve my masters in English literature as life progresses. I admire reading because it heals me by transporting me to another world. I write to give a voice to my chaotic mind.


Writer | India

I am a fourteen-year-old schoolgirl and from a very young age, have been addicted to reading, for I love the idea of travelling to another world and leaving my worries behind. Books are a great place to lose oneself and it was my love for reading which led to my passion for writing. Some of my favourite things to write about are books (of course) and social issues. If not reading in a quiet nook in a corner of my house, I can be found doing some bookish photography or doodling something in a notebook, for designing and art are one of my great interests.


Chhavi Aditya
Writer | India

One day, I want to be recognised as a successful writer and a graceful poet. I have a crazy lust for travelling too; that makes me practice travel writing sometimes. They say the future is limitless, therefore, so is mine. I’m currently majoring in English and am aiming to teach at Oxford University in the near future.

Vidhya Thakkar

Writer | India

Passion Rules Us All- That’s what I believe in. I am a 22-year-old female who loves to follow her passion. I am an entrepreneur and a social media marketer. I provide training in digital marketing at various institutes. Apart from that, I am a versatile personality and a pure Gemini soul. Books and reading are my priority! Although, I love writing poems, travelling, photography and graphic designing. Facebook, food, and books are my companions for the day, with my diary and poems only for the night.

Syed Riza Qadri

Writer | Kashmir

A girl from Kashmir, India who eats words between sips of chai/coffee and sniffs of cakes and muffins. She also dips her quills in ink and sings to the patters of rain. There are chances of finding her in both Hogwarts and Hobbiton (or lost in a wood that’s chronically trapped in autumn).


Faiza Abdul Aziz

Writer | Dubai

Indeed, paper is more patient than man ~Anne Frank. Never has anything been so true for me, who often find it difficult to quite express in speech the depth of what I feel. Instead, I turn to writing, putting into words everything that I may have failed to speak, because what comes in written words is powerful, but more importantly, meaningful.  For all those times I may have failed to express what I mean or feel, for all those beautiful stories in my head and even more beautiful people in my heart, for all the words I forgot to say, here’s to you these words I write.

May Hesham
Writer | Egypt

I was given my first book when I was eleven years old, and ever since then books became a big part of my life; I was often found discreetly reading (at least I thought it was discreet) under school desks, holding a book and a flashlight after my bedtime, and even zoning out of conversations while I think about what might happen in the next chapter. I was grateful for books and the joy they brought me; and now, years later, I discovered that I want nothing more than a life filled with book discussions and writing sessions. For the gifts of being transported to a different world, having words magically turn into images, and relating on a deeply to someone who poured his heart out on pages, are gifts that should be accessible to everyone.


Beyza Elif Dinçer

Writer | Belgium

I’m 18 years old Sociology student living in Brussels, the heart of Europe. I love reading, writing, travelling, watching films (especially Bollywood films), photography and nature. When I write, I feel the deepest sense of peace. You know when you’re not feeling so great and then read one sentence from a book and suddenly, you’re immersed in another world? It’s amazing how words can have that sort of impact on our mood. I want to be a writer who makes a positive change and that is something I will do!


Writer | Germany

I have been a Jurist and part-time photographer for almost a decade now. After completing my B.A. in American Studies, writing became a passion along with photography. I try to express my thoughts through words. My interests cover a wide range though, so you might find yourself reading articles on different topics written by me. Enjoy!



Writer | Germany

“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion” words of wisdom from the famous Sufi mystic Jalaluddin Rumi. Writing for this magazine is a way for me to turn his words into action by sharing my knowledge and interests with you the readers. However if I can increase your knowledge on Punjabi culture, worldwide human rights cases and Sufism or if you enjoy my serial or book recommendation, I will count my articles as a success. My name is Noreen and I hope you enjoy our magazine.


Aleyna Kaya

Writer | Sweden

Books adorned my room as a child, and as I have grown, so has my personal collection of them – as well as the passion for writing and artistic expression. I would identify myself as a storyteller – writing about everything from societal issues, human rights, mental health and fashion. With roots from Turkey and being a veiled muslim woman, most of my work and my poetry is dedicated to my fellow POC siblings. Living and grown with an un-dying love for Jalaluddin Rumi and Malcolm X in a real-world Narnia; Sweden. Currently studying journalism and religious studies, as well as working on inspiring and affecting people through my literary work.

Idun Oaak

Writer | Sweden

All through my life I’ve had an interest in art, it’s been both my escape and expression of self, as well as something that has helped me grow and self reflect. I just finished three years of art school and am continuing my studies, but creating art hasn’t always been as easy and wonderful as it is now. The established art world told me to settle for one type of creating, and I could never decide. Now, I have realised that I don’t need to settle or decide just because someone told me so. This artistic journey is mine to create, in whichever way I please. And I wish to share my love of art, all art, with others. I wish to inspire, to be inspired, and to help lay grounds for a new and more open view on art and creating.

Maria Giulia Pace 

Write | Malta

As a child I hated art class as I was not able to paint or draw to save my own life, quickly concluding that I was not a creative person and should stick solely to sciences. Yet as I grew older I realised that just as painters use colours to depict their reality, I used words to illustrate vividly the world around me. Through my specialisation in social sciences, namely Economics (Hons) and later International Development Studies (Msc) I am now able to combine my passion for writing with my areas of specialisation. Through my writing, I aim to give a social, reflective and humane twist to subjects which are traditionally more rigid, factual or numerical. Moreover, I love to share pieces of my life in the hope of bringing a bit of light, humour and motivation in a world which often focuses too much on the negatives.

Alia Amir

Writer | Sweden

I grew up with a daily dose of creative family story-telling time by my grandfather. One of the stories had a fictional character of a huge white rooster which could fly over the Himalayan mountains and when it spread its wings the valleys got covered! With this kind of an imaginative touch in the early days of my childhood, I set out to write fiction and reflective pieces, with a belief that our stories are important, and the world needs to know them. Writing heals! I love travel writing, food related writing and doing interviews. I am an introvert whose mission is to spread tea and love to people around me and beyond. For my nine-to-five job, I work at Stockholm University.