Writing is not only a form of expression, it is our passion.

There are way too many subjects in our society that are not addressed; so many unanswered questions and misconceptions. It really is time that there was something solid that presented interesting, thought provoking and mind- pleasing topics and ideas.

That is exactly what Unread is out here to do.

This online magazine brings a wide variety of carefully constructed pieces directly to your phone, laptop or tablet. Academic advice, deep-thought pieces, reviews of best-seller books, creative writing, stunning photography, interviews and travel guides are only a few of the things we cover in this publication.

Unread is unique. It is different and it brings to you unheard voices, itching to be heard. Our aim is to make this magazine one you enjoy, trust and learn from.

We want to empower the young people of today to go out there and clasp every opportunity possible. We want to show you that there is a world out there waiting to be conquered. And we want to provide you with a reliable source of information, no matter what the topic.

Why Unread?

Because every single one of our writers is unique. With their own experience, own background and outlook on life. The very words they write for you, you will not find anywhere else. You wont read those experiences or insights anywhere, but here.

That is why, we are the Unread.